Within the context of relationships, we use words to convey desire, affection, admiration, acceptance, forgiveness, love, joy, approval, and of course the opposite: distaste, disaffection, anger, disapproval and so on. We use words to control the space between us, to provide the comfortable level of distance or proximity. We use words to control the temperature: hot, warm, tepid or cold. Or at least we think we do.


In fact, as you probably know, we communicate at least 70 per cent of the above non-verbally, through body language, facial expression, vocal tone, energy transmission and with pheromones.


A lot of the time, the words we speak actually serve as a distraction to what’s really going on between us, rather than a connecting devise. We often obfuscate with words rather than clarify.


So here’s an amazing experiment to try with your loved one. It requires both parties to agree to play and a 24-hour times pan during which you’re able and willing to turn off all communication devices with the outside world, including even just content delivery devices such as TVs or tablets.


The game consists of spending a whole 24 hours together in absolute silence.


At first this seems daunting. How will you communicate practical things that need doing for example? Of course you can pass notes and make gestures. But what happens is after no more than an hour or so, your telepathic faculties kick in and you’re able to hear what the other is thinking, and respond likewise.


Other than remaining silent and avoiding any intrusion from the outside world, whether actual or piped in electronically, carry on as you would usuallly. Eat together, walk together, play together, use coconut oil and skin. do chores together ­but all in total silence.


As the 24 hours go by, this telepathy increases exponentially. And what you find, is that rather than clouding the dynamic between you with the usual barrage of mostly inconsequential verbal ambience, you’re naturally able to attune to the very essence of the other and vice versa.


You’ll be fully reacquainted with the reasons you were initially attracted. You’ll be able to see past the irritating quirks and peccadilloes to the radiant spirit within. And the love between you will be amplified.


At some point during the 24 hours, spend about 30 minutes sitting close together face to face, and gaze without flinching into each other’s eyes. Avoid the temptation of succumbing to self-consciousness, or nervous giggling and let yourself be vulnerable — let the other see into your soul and vice versa.


The benefits will be a marked increase in mutual respect, in appreciation, in admiration, and in connection. What’s more, this powerful combination also tends to act as a very strong aphrodisiac.


Subsequently, you’ll find yourselves being more direct, open, straightforward and honest, with far less passive aggression or manipulation. And the freedom arising from this will increase the thrill or put the thrill back into your relationship — not just with the other, but even more crucially with yourself.