Neirad The Student News Site of Darien High School Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:45:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top Ten TV Shows and Movies 2000s kids NEED on Netflix Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:41:24 +0000 As Netflix has skyrocketted to the top streaming website over the last 20 years, it is vital to today’s screen-addicted youth that their primary form of procrastination and relaxation be stocked with the most binge-worthy content. I asked ten Darien High School students what TV shows and Movies they wanted to see in their Netflix browse section and there was one incredibly prominent theme: people want the classics. So, Dear Netflix, consider this our petition

1. ICarly→ Olivia Maniscalco

Senior Olivia Maniscalco smiles at the idea of her Nickelodeon favorite on Netflix

“Honestly, I want ICarly on Netflix because One Direction was on it that one time,” said senior Olivia Maniscalco. This early-2000s classic from the undisputed best era of Nickelodeon was a staple of after-school TV watching for Gen Zs. There are no teenagers today who never thought about living alone with their brother, having their own webcast, or indulging nightly in spaghetti tacos.

2.  Shrek→ Mackenzie Swift

Shrek, despite being released eighteen years ago, holds a firm place in the heart of 2000s babies everywhere. The love story, the testament to internal beauty, and the dozens of scenes to make you cry-laugh put the Disney film high up on the list movies we need to binge watch.

Junior Nolan Burke wants Fox Classic Family Guy on Netflix

3. Family Guy→ Nolan Burke

“It’s not popular enough on FOX,” says junior Nolan Burke. Family Guy, a favorite of many generations, has been on the air for nearly 20 years. Featuring the voices of Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis, the often twisted comedy of the animated series has become an addiction for many.

4. High School Musical → Elizabeth Evanchick

Troy Bolton: The jock, theatre kid, nice guy—a textbook heartbreaker, and Gabriella Montez: The good girl, the math nerd, the hidden star makes for a love story that has kept 2000s kids at the edge of their seats since its release 14 years ago. With a soundtrack that a 15-year-old girl may as well be exiled for not knowing, a thousand beyond quotable scenes, and two equally addicting sequels, High School Musical is a classic that will honestly never die. Dear Netflix, give today’s teenagers what they need, and let us watch it on repeat. Thank you.

5. Hannah Montana→ Perrin Trask

Senior Perrin Trask gives Hannah Montana two thumbs up!!

“It made me who I am today” said senior Perrin Trask about the popular Disney show. Between the many halloween costumes inevitably inspired by Miley Cyrus’ blonde wig and bright early 2000s outfits, the hours spent blasting “Best of Both Worlds” on iPod Touch speakers, and the constant rooting for Hannah’s various romances, the show was as

addicting then as it is now.

6. Dumbo→ Iyanna Green

The animated film was originally released on October 23rd, 1941, but its endearing animations and hopeful story of a circus elephant living with abnormally large ears and a cruel nickname eventually discovering astonishing talents have struck the hearts of millions. This true Disney classic is only one of the many original Disney films that need more attention. With the new live-action film just having recently been released, its addition to Netflix would help return viewers to its roots.

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7. Trolls→ Riley Kunetz

Trolls, which was released only three years ago in 2016, has gained massive amounts of praise from its viewers. Between the many big-name-celebrities sprinkled across the voiceover casting list—Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and James Corden to name a few—and the abundance of colorful characters, and energetic singing, the animated film was encapsulating to both young and old viewers alike. The soundtrack makes you just want to get up and dance, so why not have it available for the daily mood-booster everyone seems to need?

8. Home Alone→ Lizzie Canelli

The Christmas classic, featuring 8-year old Kevin McCallister who was left at home by his huge family over Christmas vacation, can be found on almost every channel in the winter months, but what about when lovers of the movies comedy need it as a pick-me-up even when the snow melts? Kevins hilarious pranks will have families keeled over laughing for hours. That kind of comedic holiday classic absolutely must be added to Netflix.

9. How I Met Your Mother→ Ryan Smith

Senior Ryan Smith is (obviously) very sad without his HIMYM addiction being fulfilled by Netflix

This incredibly popular sitcom ended nearly six years ago, and has left its addicted fans wanting more. The series follows six best friends and their crazy encounters in New York City as main character Ted recalls his twenties and thirties in an attempt to explain to his children how he met their mother. Incredibly similar to the other internationally known sitcom Friends, How I Met Your Mother is even more hysterical. Further, with Friends being removed from Netflix in 2020, it must be replaced with something to fill the void.

10. The Notebook → Giselle Winegar

As one of the only non-comedic films on this list, The Notebook is a movie that all young women have been bound to cry to at one point in their lives. Boasting incredibly famous actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, The Notebook is an unforgettable love story. Netflix must give the girls what they need: a story of love, lust, heartbreak, and plenty of drama.

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February Horoscopes! Mon, 03 Feb 2020 21:58:16 +0000 Sagittarius: Howdy, Sagittarius! Usually, February is a bit of a drag, your birthday and the holiday season has passed, and you’re in the midst of winter. Make sure to keep a positive mind though, and this February may just be the best one yet! You’re past is just that, the past, and this month you have the support and love from all of those you care about. 

Pisces: Hola, Pisces! February may be a cold month, but this February is warming your heart. You may meet a special someone this month, and on the 14th you may not need to spend the holiday alone. This is your time to try new things, meet new people, and get out there! On the 10th Mercury slides into your 4rth house, and everything is smooth sailing from there. 

Scorpio: Konichiwa, Scorpio! This February is all about taking a deeper look at yourself. You have had a lot of questions about yourself, the person you’re becoming, and where you may end up in the future. Calm down, you will know soon enough, until then just try to handle one thing at a time. This month only needs to be as stressful as you make it. 

Leo: Hey, Leo! Listen to yourself, nobody knows better than you do. You are kind, passionate, and knowledgeable about all you do. You can listen to others advice but when making big decisions it’s important to listen to what you want. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to this month with the moon in your sign. 

Aires: What’s up, Aires? You’re a bold sign. You’re not afraid to make a difference, and stand up for what you believe in. Don’t apologize for being who you are. If someone has a problem with who you are, their opinion isn’t important. You’re growing and maturing as a person and no one’s gonna stop you. On the 5th with Mercury in your second house, you’re unstoppable. 

Cancer: Hello, Cancer! You are naturally sensitive, and caring. You have a big heart, and you long to be with other people, especially in a romantic sense. This makes you especially vulnerable this month around the 14th. Nonetheless, you don’t need anyone else. You are an amazing person, and you need to focus on your own self- worth. Practice self-care this month!

Gemini: Hi, Gemini! Lately, people have been talking about you behind your back. You’ve hurt some people’s feelings and never really bothered to consider how to make amends. This month you should consider fixing up past conflicts. It’s a new year, so make this a new and healthy start. Sometimes it’s important to let your pride go, and be a bit selfless. This month think of others. 

Virgo: How are you, Virgo? Be a little more confident. You’ve been going through a lot lately. You’ve made some big decisions. You’ve been through some struggles, but you finally have some perspective on life. You know when and how to prioritize the things in your life that matter, and the things that don’t. Make sure to stay focused this month, but allow yourself some free time. 

Libra: Hey there, Libra! You’ve been a bit stubborn lately, but that’s only because you really feel that you are right. Your intuition is strong and usually correct, just make sure to consider all options and factors first. You don’t want to jump into anything right now unless you are 100% sure. On the 17th Uranus goes into your 1rst house, granting you the ability to make wise and thoughtful decisions. 

Aquarius: Happy birthday, Aquarius! This is a month of change and growth for you. You are entering a new year, so keep your head clear, and focus on the good moments you have in the present. Whether it’s the past or future has been tormenting you, it’s time to let that go. You will enter your new year on a happy and prosperous note. 

Capricorn: Lights, Camera, Action, Capricorn! You’re in the spotlight this month. Your riding a new high and you aren’t afraid to show it. Just try not to be too boastful. Others around you are struggling, and while you may be in a good place, others aren’t and by flaunting your happiness you may be unintentionally hurting them. Be conscious of others this month. 

Taurus: Yolo, Taurus! You have been unusually happy lately. Everything has just been seeming to work out for you, and you truly deserve everything you have earned. Don’t be afraid to be a little proud of yourself. You have worked hard for everything you have and the universe is rewarding you. On the 8th when Jupiter aligns with the moon in your sign a full month of pure joy begins. 

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DHS Winter Sports Preview Fri, 31 Jan 2020 16:26:17 +0000  



Boys Basketball


2020 could spark hope for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Despite going 10-11 last season the Blue Wave made a change bringing in former Yale star player Mr. Todd Trimmer to be the new head coach . Trimmer has over 20 years in coaching experience throughout the AAU and travel levels. Coach Trimmer grew up in Ohio and played all throughout his high school days he was named the 1989 Greater Cleveland Conference Player of the Year.

“The hard work begins today with a great group of young men that want to be part of something special. I look forward to the challenges ahead and welcome new opportunities”

— Coach Trimmer

“There is a great opportunity here to build a basketball culture. I really want to get the basketball program viewed as a premier sport,” Trimmer told Stamford Advocate’s reporter Joe Morelli. This season the team looks to break a five year drought of an FCIAC title. “The hard work begins today with a great group of young men that want to be part of something special. I look forward to the challenges ahead and welcome new opportunities,” Trimmer said in a press release sent out by the DHS Athletic Department. Who is this group of young men? Well this year the team features the captainship of senior James Leone, senior Ben Olson and junior Ted Brennan. Along with the team another key aspect is YMCA house ball legend Ryan Smith. Although Smith is a three time house ball champion he will be on the bench this year with Coach Trimmer as the Varsity team manager. “We are going to be really good this year, we have a lot of talented players and I think Coach Trimmer has the skill and mindset to turn this program around” Smith said. The team unfortunately started it’s season with three staright loses at Bunnell 49-54, at home against Bunnell 61-70 and on the road against Danbury 51-70, And than losing again in Trumbull after coming within four points of Trumbull late in the 4th quarter. As the team continues to search for their first win and Coach Trimmer searching for his first in school history they take the court again on January 10th at home against Greenwich. 


Girls Basketball


Despite a brutal exit in last year’s CIAC playoffs to New London, the Girls Basketball team and three year veteran head coach Melba Chambers are looking for a better outcome this year. Last year was tough for the team as they had a 7-14 record and topped off the season with a 65-24 loss to New London in the CIAC playoffs. Luckily for Darien they only saw the departure of five seniors this offseason.

The Team started their road back to the playoff on December 16th as they took on the Bassick Lions and they ended up winning the game 55 to 37.”

Last season Darien got a ton of talent in the freshman class with Shea Dolce, Maggie Ramsay and Aerin Bowman. And this year is no different receiving freshman talent in the form of Emma Quayle and Jillian Vaught. Another key part of the team is Dolce sisters. Senior captain Gwen Dolce and her sister sophomore Shea Dolce have both been having good starts to there season. In their most recent game against Danbury the sisters combined for 20 points and Shea made three shots from behind the arch. With this year’s talented team this year is better than ever to make a run at CIAC’s. Despite receiving less than five votes in the Connecticut pre-season Rankings (According to Gametime CT). The Team started their road back to the playoff on December 16th as they took on the Bassick Lions and they ended up winning the game 55 to 37. After that they would go on to win the next three in a row against Bethal, St. Joes and Trinity Catholic but would take their first lose at home to New Canaan 29-37. And unfortunately just a couple of days later they fell to Danbury at home 35-45. But they would rebound beating Trumbull at home 33-18. The 5-2 Darien Girls Basketball Team plays again on January 10th as they travel to Greenwich to play the 4-2 Greenwich Cardinals.


Girls Ice Hockey


It was a much different story for the Darien High School Girls Ice Hockey Team. Last year brought them all the way to the CHSGHA finals where they ended up losing to the Rams of New was Canaan 3-1. After an impressive 12-1-1 Regular Season Record Darien fell to Greenwich in the FICAC semi-finals in OT. They ended up making a run in the CHSGHA (Connecticut High School Girls Hockey Association). They got their revenge on Greenwich 2-1 in the Quarterfinals and than blew out West Haven 4-0 in the semi finals. Darien should still be a favorite this year as this year the team is captained by seniors Cate Droogan, Colleen Cassidy, Caitlin Chan, and Kitt Arrix. On the 7th Darien played scrimmage matches against New Canaan and against Greenwich. They tied Greenwich 1-1 and beat New Canaan 2-0. The team official started their season on Wednesday December 11th as they played debatably their biggest rivals the Greenwich Cardinals.

“Everyone was super excited and it was nice to see that we have such good chemistry early in the season.”

— Kate Bellissimo

In this game junior Kelly Raymond and jenior Kate Bellismo put up the goals and sophomore goaltender Ella Whitticom made 15 saves as the team won 2-0 starting their season 1-0-0. “Everyone was super excited and it was nice to see that we have such good chemistry early in the season.” Bellismo told Gametime CT reporter David Fierro after the game. Darien hit the ice again Friday December 13th as they take on Fairfield Ludlowe-Warde and this game Darien put up a touchdown as they won 7-0 and would follow that up with a 6-0 win over Trumbull- St. Joes and on January 4th the team took on the defending state champions New Canaan, The two rivals have played each other in the last two state finals, with Darien winning in 2018 and New Canaan taking it in 2019. And this January night New Canaan took it 1-0. The 3-1-0 Darien Girls Ice Hockey team returns to the ice on January 8th as they face the Stamford,Westhill and Staples combined team.


Boys Ice Hockey


As the trend counties another Winter sport in the style of Boys Ice Hockey fell in the CIAC Quarterfinals last year. After and impressive 17-6 Season last year the Blue Wave Ice Hockey team matched up with Notre Dame West Haven and lost 3-1. The Wave did however lose to Greenwich in Double OT in the FIAC semi-finals so this was a bounce back year for the Wave. But Darien did fail to bring home a 4th state title last year. I wish I could say that this year is going to be better but unfortunately this offseason saw the departure of 12 players. One of which was Henri Pfeifle who was the starting goalie last year. This might not be a terrible thing as last year’s JV team has a lot of talent. This year Darien’s unique roster consists of many juniors and sophomores including both of the new goalies junior Teddy Deberandis and sophomore Chris Schofield. The team also includes the brotherly duo of senior Cole Branca and sophomore Billy Branca. Both of which were on the Varsity Soccer team this fall but with injury Cole didn’t play but is ready for the hockey season. So far this year the team has started with an impressive 3-1-0 record beating Wilton, Greenwich and Xavier but did however fall to Hamden. With this good of a start Gametime CT ranked Darien as the third best Boys Ice Hockey team so far. But with their next game being a tough one on January 11th they host the 6-0 and first ranked Notre Dame-West Haven team.


 Indoor Track 

When winter rolls around most think of the main sports like Ice Hockey and Basketball but one of the most unique sports DHS offers is Indoor track. This year the team will start its 21st year as a team and with the coaching of head coaches Tyson Kaczmarek and Steve Norris Darien is looking to rebound off of a 3rd place finish in the 2018 Class L Championship. Darien did loss 12 boys and 12 girls off the rosters due to graduation. For the Boys team roster is looking smaller this year as they only added six freshman to the team while the girls added 20 freshman to the roster. Both the boys and girls Indoor track teams competed on January 4th and senior Austin Dehmel & senior Nick Balenzano both qualified for the state meet in the 55m race while in the Pole Vault senior Aiden Hills, senior Xander Zanin and junior Alex Jones all qualified for the state meet. Hills tyed a person best with a 12’ vault while Zanin and Jones both hit 10’. Also in the 600m race, senior Jacob Grimm and senior Aiden O’Rourke also qualified for the state meet. Grimm had a personal best 1:31.33 and O’Rourke did a 1:35.83. Finally Nick Balenzano also jumped a personal best 20’ 5” on the long jump competition. The teams next event on January 10-11 as they participate in the Yale Invitational at Yale College in New Haven.

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High School Musical The Musical The Series Week Two Review Fri, 31 Jan 2020 16:22:55 +0000 Where to begin? This week took us through the aftermath of last weeks *shocking* casting of Ricky as Troy. I know, my mind was blown too; he doesn’t even like musicals, but he can sing and play the guitar like a pro?? 

Nini is distressed since her new boyfriend has been relegated to the role of Chad and the position of Ricky’s understudy. She knows what Ricky is up to and is having absolutely none of it. She freaks out and Ricky seems to quit the show…but he doesn’t. It was kind of a jumbled mess, but it was one I wanted to keep watching.

Of course this show needs its own version of Sharpay”

The music was good since it is derived from, in my personal opinion, one of the most iconic movie soundtracks of our generation. Aside from the tunes we have all we signed up for, melodrama, rivalry, relationships, and a little bit of humor ensued.

My least favorite storyline is EJ’s weird new tactic to boot Ricky from the show that somehow involves him STEALING Nini’s phone in order to find out if she still has feelings and is talking to Ricky. The way this will get Ricky to leave the show is very unclear. Of course, this show needs its own version of Sharpay and Gina, the sophomore transfer student (who lets us know that she’s a transfer student almost every time she is on camera), serves that purpose. She wants to escape the title of understudy and take the role of Gabriella from Nini. Gina steals the phone and gives it to EJ, claiming they both want the same thing.

My consensus for this week: EJ and Gina are trashy people, I’m rooting for Ricky and Nini, Ricky makes a good Troy, and I want more music-both original and covers (seriously, “Wondering” is beautiful). That is all for this week, I’m excited to see how this whole phone stealing scheme turns out in episode three, but until next time you can catch me listening to the High School Musical soundtrack on repeat.

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What to Watch for the New Year: Recent Movie Releases Thu, 30 Jan 2020 17:00:04 +0000 With the start of the new year, there are dozens of new movies in theaters right now. The holiday break is the biggest movie release season, so I have put together five of the hottest movies in the box office right now. Grab your tickets and get your popcorn and candy ready to go to the movies! 


  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (PG-13) 2 hr and 22 mins; 54% on rotten tomatoes

When it’s discovered that the infamous Sith, Emperor Palpatine, did not die at the hands of Darth Vader, the rebels must race against the clock to find his whereabouts. Finn and Poe lead the Resistance to put a stop to the First Order’s plans to form a new Empire, while Rey anticipates her inevitable confrontation with Kylo Ren.

Credit: Star Wars


2. Jumanji: The Next Level (PG-13) 2 hr and 3 mins; 71% on rotten tomatoes 

When Spencer goes back into the fantastical world of Jumanji, pals Martha, Fridge, and Bethany re-enter the game to bring him home. However, the game is now broken – and fighting back! Everything the friends thought they knew about Jumanji is about to change, as they soon discover there’s more obstacles and more danger to overcome.

Credit: Jumanji


3. Frozen II (PG) 1 hr and 43 mins; 77% on rotten tomatoes 

Elsa the Snow Queen has an extraordinary gift – the power to create ice and snow. But no matter how happy she is to be surrounded by the people of Arendelle, Elsa feels out of place and finds herself looking for something more. After hearing a mysterious voice call out to her, Elsa travels to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond her kingdom – an adventure that soon turns into a journey of self-discovery.

Credit: Frozen II


4. Uncut Gems (R) 2 hr 15 mins; 92% on rotten tomatoes 

A charismatic jeweler makes a high-stakes bet that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. In a precarious high-wire act, he must balance business, family, and adversaries on all sides in pursuit of the ultimate win.

Credit: Uncut Gems


5. Knives Out (PG-13) 2 hr and 10 min; 97% on rotten tomatoes 

When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey dies just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc arrives at his estate to investigate. From Harlan’s dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Thrombey’s untimely demise. 

Credit: Knives Out


A friendly reminder for those of you who may not know: Most movie theaters have discounts on Tuesdays…be sure to look out for those. Happy watching!

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High School Musical The Musical The Series…Oh My! An Episode One Review Tue, 28 Jan 2020 17:00:26 +0000 When I first heard that Disney would be making a “High School Musical” television show, you could not begin to imagine my disgust. I was adamant that the show would never have the opportunity to grace my screen or tarnish the American classic that is the original High School Musical trilogy. In the words of senior Eliza Koorbusch, who is abstaining from watching the show at all, “It just can’t beat the original.”

We live in an age of reboots and unoriginal content–major studios have decided that revamping long-beloved classics enshrouded in nostalgia is the best new way to rake in cash and leave viewers disappointed in whatever it was they just watched. I was fully expecting HSM the Musical Series to be a cheap shot-for-shot remake of a childhood (and current) classic solely with new character names.

We actually love garbage tv”

For reference, we will be referring to High School Musical the Musical the Series as HSMTMTS from here on out, because neither you nor I, dear reader, have the time for this title in its entirety.

I must swallow my pride and admit that I was wrong. Let me preface this by saying that this show is by no means award worthy, let alone up to par with being considered an absolute must-watch. However, based off of this first episode, it serves its purpose as a mindless watch and the music is actually pretty good. There are the old classics which haven’t been completely butchered, and a few new tunes that are easy on the ears. There are some shows we watch simply because they are “awful,” but we find ourselves continuously tuning in because we actually love garbage TV. It’s an escape, it’s fun, it’s simply entertainment, and that’s HSMTMTS.

The first episode of this season’s eight-episode run introduces us to the characters and the plot’s objective. The show opens with the cast returning to school following summer break. We meet Ricky, this shows version of “Troy,” if you will. Ricky and Nini recently took a “pause”(very reminiscent of Friends, a la Ross’s “WE WERE ON A BREAK”, which is actually spoken verbatim by Ricky in the episode). To sum it up, Nini went away to theater camp following the break-up and got a new guy: senior water polo captain and grade A theater kid E.J. Caswell. Ricky is shocked and disappointed to no one’s surprise and is dead set on winning Nini back.

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Now, this relationship mumbo jumbo may seem insignificant, but it is in fact the driving force behind the entire plot. The new theater teacher declares that it is an absolute abomination that the school where High School Musical was filmed has never put on a production of the musical version themselves (she actually has a valid point–it IS shameful). Thus auditions ensue and Ricky, whose hatred of musicals is honestly treated as a personality trait, decides he must audition for Troy in order to win back Nini, who is going after the role of Gabriella and whose new boyfriend is also competing for Troy. Got all of that?

I’m not going to tell you who gets the role–that’s up to you to watch and find out. I will say, though, that after watching this first episode, I can conclude that HSMTMTS is just a lot of fun to watch. It is full of cliches and is easily predictable, but that is what makes it so enjoyable. It is comfortable and surprisingly not trying too hard to be like its movie namesake. The show is High School Musical meets The Office through its mockumentary style while still maintaining its own identity, which in my opinion is pretty interesting.

If you are looking to lose yourself this weekend for 38 minutes (the longest episode by FAR) to pure and simple television that will wind up keeping you entertained through its entirety, than I would recommend plopping down and tuning into the first episode of HSMTMTS.

High School Musical The Musical The Series is available to stream on Disney+. I hope you will tune in next time for my review on episode 2 if you watch, and if you don’t, I’ll tell you everything you need to know! 

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HEADLINE GOES HERE Thu, 23 Jan 2020 16:01:30 +0000 GREAT lead goes here
Flynn Woodring



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Going Long: DHS’ Trig Identity Ambassador Ms. Long In Profile Thu, 16 Jan 2020 15:20:31 +0000 It’s no surprise that former Darien High School students love their school, but it’s unusual to see them teaching at DHS only a few years after they graduate.  Ms. Sophie Long, one of our own math teachers, was in the DHS class of 2013. She’s among us once again, educating the future on Trig Identities and so much more. I sat down to find out more about this fascinating individual.

Ms. Long’s acquaintance
Our heroic teacher somewhere foreign, London I believe

TR: Why spread knowledge to the youth?

I think that knowledge is really powerful…your generation will make big decisions, you need knowledge to do that!

TR: Do you still feel like a student compared to your fellow teachers?

A bit sometimes…especially ones I had when I was a student, I still call them Mr. and Mrs., but I’m getting used to it.  It’s been fun!

TR: What are the signatures of your classes?  What makes them unique?

The biggest spin I try to throw in is excitement—hopefully rev students up to get excited about math topics, and create a space where we can be excited.

TR: What are some out-of-school hobbies you have?

Probably my biggest is running, racing…I did that in high school and college—I enjoy continuing it…I also work at a running store…it’s fun to meet people and learn more about shoes and gear—I love to read as well…Harry Potter is a favorite!

Senior Lily Spengler said of Ms. Long: “Her spirit and enthusiasm are infectious, and she always makes sure nobody gets left behind.  It’s people like that who are called to teaching, and I’m glad for that.”

TR: What do you drive?  Is it better than a Jeep Wrangler?

I drive a 2015 Subaru Forester…yes, it’s better!

TR: What is something students do not know about you?

I love doing jigsaw puzzles, and can do them quickly…also, for three summers, I went to an arts camp in Upstate NY; I did circus events there, like flying trapeze and other cool stuff!

TR: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened in one of your classes?

One time, a presenting group put a slide full of spiders in the project…I was having students do a topic concerning triangle problems…but I am very scared of them!  It’s hard to pick just one!

Her colleagues and students think of her highly.  Fellow math teacher (and former teacher of Ms. Long) Mr. Steve Coppock bestows her with this praise: “She’s a great combination of knowledge and material, and is able to make it fun and enjoyable for her students.  I’ve often walked into her class, and the students are chanting ‘Ms. Long, Ms. Long,’; that’s how much they love her.  I strive to be at that level.”

The biggest spin I try to throw in is excitement—hopefully rev students up to get excited about math topics, and create a space where we can be excited.”

— Ms. Long Herself

To back up this formidable comment, I asked some of the honorable classmates I had in the Pre-Calculus class I had with Ms. Long last year what they thought of the greatest mathematical mind since Newton: “I’ve had Ms. Long as both a track coach and math teacher.  I hate running and math, and always have, but she made me enjoy both anyways.  It’s like when your parents make believe your broccoli is an airplane: she brought enjoyment to activities that I didn’t like but needed to muster through.  Whether it is through fun relays during workout days, or wacky group presentations in math, her methods made the curriculum much more bearable.  Her spirit and enthusiasm are infectious, and she always makes sure nobody gets left behind.  It’s people like that who are called to teaching, and I’m glad for that,” senior Lily Spengler said of Ms. Long.  Senior Andrew DeChellis had similar thoughts: “She’s a good teacher and it’s easy to get involved in her class.  It’s a very energetic class as well.” It’s fair to say that someone of Ms. Long’s caliber comes around as a teacher only once in a lifetime…so if you have her, expect nothing less than a verifiably good time in class.

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January Horoscopes Thu, 16 Jan 2020 13:24:50 +0000 Sagittarius 

Welcome to a new decade! 2020 is going to be the start of an entirely new period of your life. Be sure to keep a positive mindset and avoid overstressing. Your life may feel like it’s in transition right now, but you will end up exactly where you belong in the end. Keep being your usual confident, lovable, and firey success, and remember to never give up!



Howdy, Scorpio! In the last couple of days, you may have been feeling anxious, worried about the next phase in your life. This is natural as a new decade has just begun. Look for opportunities to challenge yourself and from them, you just might gain a better understanding of who you are and what you want out of life right now. The sky’s the limit, don’t be afraid to try new things. Just remember to be cautious. Start your year off on the right foot. 




What’s up, Virgo? Venus has moved into your sign and you are feeling a new burst of confidence. You aren’t afraid to defy social standards. By nature, you can be shy and timid, however, this month you will gain a clear sense of who you are, and no one can stop you from getting what you want. The 14th marks the peak of your happiness, and you will receive a reminder to take things slow and savor each moment. Life is going well right now. Cherish it!




Hola, Pisces! With Mars moving into your sign, your head has been in the clouds. It’s time to focus. Spontaneity is important but planning is necessary for certain aspects of life. On the 23rd your work ethic will grow and cement a strong determination within you. This will propel you through the beginning months of the year, and help pave a successful start to 2020. 




Konichiwa, Aquarius! You’re still in the holiday spirit, but it’s time to buckle down and consider aspects of your life you may not have been focusing on. How has your social life been? Work is important, but friends and family are also important. Make sure you are finding time for both work and loved ones in your life. Balance is key this month. On the 15th you will be presented with an important decision, make sure to consider all factors before you take action.





Hey, Taurus! Have you been listening to Pitbull’s song Fireball, because of you’re on fire! This month is going to go amazingly for you. You have thought things through and made some important decisions lately. You are ready and prepared for the next step in your life. Jupiter is making its way into your sign, and you are feeling pure happiness. Your personal relationships are going amazingly. You’re excelling in academics. Every star is aligning for you, so just relax and enjoy the ride this month.






Hello, Cancer! You’ve been stressing too much lately. You’re naturally emotional and with Pluto in your sign this month, your emotions are magnified. You’ve been overthinking everything. Questions like, “omg does this color make me look fat?” have been flying around in your mind too often. Breathe! Remember to put things into perspective. Not everything is in your control, but seek control in whatever aspects of your life you can. You will likely feel more secure then.




Ciao, Gemini! Listen to your heart this month. If you wanna cry over a tub of double cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, do it! You’ve taken a recent blow to your self-esteem, and you need help recovering. So, recover in the best way possible for you. Don’t let others judge you or tell you what to feel. You know what you feel and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the 15th you may be presented with a dilemma, go with your gut reaction. You know what’s best for you. 




Bonjour, Libra! Lately, you’ve been feeling the need to get away- take a break from society and go somewhere new.  Unfortunately, you know that right now that isn’t an option. It’s okay to sulk a little, however, by nature you are a balanced person, and you are sure to recover soon. Focus on the positive aspects of your life, and making time for new things that excite you. 


Hi, Leo! A fiery rage is boiling within you this month. Someone has wronged you and you may desire revenge. However, making the person who hurt you feel as you do, will in reality, solve nothing. Practice coping strategies. Breathe, you are above this. You are a strong person, and you will make it through this. On the 19th, your ability to communicate clearly will grow. You should vocalize your feelings! Keeping pain inside, just like hurting others, will help no one. 


Greetings, Aires! You are feeling kind this month. You want to help others. Look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved within your community. On the 14th and the 16th, the moon peaks in your sign. This opens to the door to a number of service opportunities. You’re starting this year off amazingly, setting off good karma for the months to come. 


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You’re starting a new year and a new decade! It’s an exciting time for you. This month will be incredible for you. The 9th marks your most prosperous day, as your family and friends gather around you, pledging to support you no matter what. If you have a crush, don’t be afraid to make a move this month. Luck is on your side, and by taking this extra risk, you may just get everything you’ve always wanted. 

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DHS iPads and eWaste Wed, 15 Jan 2020 19:55:51 +0000 What is the school going to do with the 1:1 iPads when the students graduate?  That was one of the very first questions that came to my mind when the school announced that they were going 1:1.  Apple devices only have about a 4-year lifespan on average, [1] which means that by the time my fellow students in the class of 2021 graduate, our iPads will be near the end of their useful life–already the current new iPads have stylus support, unlike ours, as well as a faster and better CPU that is more capable of running newer iOS versions.  Because of this recollecting and re-issuing, giving these aging iPads to students for another 4 years of use clearly doesn’t make sense–which means that the school only has a few options left.

Option 1: Recycling.

This is by far the worst option.  It is just bad.  While electronics recycling is much better then just putting them in the landfill as it allows us to recover rare

metals and other materials, it is still very very wasteful, requiring the device get melted down, which can release toxic fumes, and some parts of the device still go to waste.  In fact, “50%–80% of e-waste that recyclers collect is exported overseas, including illegally exported e-scrap, which is of particular concern.  Overall, the inadequate management of electronics recycling in developing countries has led to various health and environmental problems.” [2] Reusing is always better than recycling, and, while the iPads are near enough to the end of their useful life to not be worth re-issuing to incoming DHS freshmen, students need a reliable and fast device for critical school work; the iPads could still be useful in a different application.  They are just not worth trashing.


Option 2: Let the students keep them.

This is one of my personal favorite options, mostly because I just want another computing device to play with.  But it has additional advantages as well–it requires the least effort from the school, and the devices are not so old that they can’t still be used for light personal use, or resold, or recycled by the individual students–this gives students the flexibility to choose what they want

to do with their devices, and this course of action can help extend the useful life of many of the iPads.  The main disadvantage to this approach is that some of the iPads may be brought to a landfill instead of being recycled properly, which could offset the advantages of extending the lifespan of some iPads.  A way to solve this may be for the school to offer to collect and recycle them for the students who want to return them.


Option 3: Donate them.


This is also a very good option.  In many ways, it is even better than option two.  Basically, the idea is that even though the iPads may be aging, there are still people who can take advantage of them, which can help solve the computing divide in education.  There is still a shocking number of people without computing devices, and corporate eWaste, such as our school iPads, are perfect candidates for donating because there’s a large number of them that are all identical–which makes training and maintaining them easier, even if they lack all of the newest bells and whistles.



Option 4: Reissue to lower schools.

Right now the elementary schools and middle school use Chromebooks, but the school could re-issue the collected iPads, which would provide a more unified experience for the students rather then switching their devices mid-way through their

education.  However, it could also cause an issue for teachers who have been trained for Chromebook use, and, given that the elementary school students are expected to keep their 1:1 devices throughout all of middle school, having a more durable and newer Chromebook is probably

preferable to an iPad.


So what does the school actually plan on doing?  I asked Jeff Adams, head of IT for the district.  His response was basically that the school doesn’t know and isn’t planning on knowing until June.  I guess I will publish a new article when they decide.

Thanks for the note. Your concerns are correct – the ipads coming in from the seniors will be 4 years old and are outdated. We will not be reissuing these ipads to the incoming freshmen next year. We are in discussions to decide what to do with them in June. You did highlight all of our choices. When we come to a decision, we will be in touch”

— Jeff Adams - IT Director



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